Home water treatment

Home water treatment
CUF-15000  Nominal capacity of 15000 lit/day
Water source :well
Number of consumers: 20 apartments
Inlet water include : BOD5,Biofilm, allege , turbidity approx. 5 NTU and some times Oil (leakage from Turbine pump)
Outlet : BOD5 < 5 , no Biofilm , no taste , no odor, no grease , turbidity <.05 NTU (in all steps)
LMH= 1200

Filter housing containing ceramic filter sheets and sprinkler, The device loaded with tab water, this filter providing about 15000 liter per a day and also controlled based on the difference between the pressure before and after the filter. It has Feeding and washing pumps and Backwash water tank . Disassembly and CIP is required every 50 days and total production in 50 days 60 cubic meters.

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