Drinking Water-Shahr Kord WTP

Drinking Water Shahr Kord WTP
Application: Drinking Water Treatment Plant

Client:  Islamic Republic of Iran 

Location: Charmahal-Bakhtiari Province , Shahr Kord

Startup:  October 2017

Cembrane has received an order, through Cembrane Iran, to provide drinking water for 200.000 people in Charmahal-Bakhtiari Province in Iran, using its innovative SiC membrane modules.  The total plant capacity is 26000m3/day and the water source derives from the Koohrang River. 
To address the severe water shortage in the region, institutions are making large investments in new technologies to provide pristine and affordable drinking water.
This will be the world’s largest Silicon Carbide installation to date! 
It is scheduled to be commissioned in May-June 2018, and Cembrane has already made the first of four partial shipments!  

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