We produce and develop a new generation SiC ceramic membrane from our facilities in Denmark. We provide OEM & System integrator in more than 20 countries with a unique outside-in flat sheet membrane and module to treat challenging drinking- and waste waters.

Our proprietary New Generation Ceramic membrane technology, provides several advantages against more commonly used organic and in-organic membranes. The team behind Cembrane consists of the pioneer of Silicon Carbide membranes as well as experts with a long experience in Silicon Carbide processing. Learn more by exploring the content of our website.

Cembrane was founded with the objective to transform ceramic membranes from a niche technology to a well-established technology for challenging drinking and wastewaters. Being true to our core values of productivity, honesty and rationality, we at Cembrane constantly strive to provide our customers with durable and reliable products at competitive prices.

With a unique new generation of ceramic membranes, Cembrane has overcome the challenge of treating difficult water and thereby offering a chance to the World’s growing population for having access to clean and safe water. Our slogan “clean water for life” reflects this vision.
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